A life-long San Bruno resident, Jeffrey Tong’s background is environmental planning, policy analysis, construction management, and real estate.  With climate changes ahead, we need to ensure our economy and our community balances with ecology.  Hence, Jeffrey Tong is building a world-class board of advisors to guide ColinasCosteras.com.

We need to (1) restore quality of life in the coastal hills, (2) rebuild our economy with true VALUE, and (3) build community.

RUMOR: Someone is spreading a rumor that Jeffrey supports Putin in his war against Ukraine.  That is blatantly false!  The allegation is that “Putin is a murderer”, and if you support Jeffrey Tong, you are a murderer too!  (Scare Tactic / Guilt by Association).  

Some people are only open to hear one thing – “Are you with me, or against me?” Know that Newton’s third law simply states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

REALITY: Jeffrey believes that environmental protection at home takes priority over any foreign war because environmental collapse causes social collapse, which in turn causes political collapse.  Charity begins at home!  Jeffrey focuses on local problems, not foreign issues on the opposite side of the planet which have zero impact upon San Bruno.