Residents of the Coastal Hills

I believe we are immensely blessed to live in City Council District 1 – The Coastal Hills.  But San Bruno, like all suburbs, got caught in a debt trap – The Growth Ponzi Scheme. 

We experienced a modest, short-term illusion of wealth in exchange for enormous long-term liabilities.   Former city manager played a shell game to try to “balance” the budget – robbing Peter (SB Cable) to pay Paul (city staff). Top priority were emergency services – police and fire; while infrastructure – stormwater, street pavement, electrical were neglected for decades.  As a result of long-term neglect, everything became an “emergency!”  Example: When the Rollingwood blackouts occurred, residents feared an increase in crime.  So both police and infrastructure costs increased!  This is not a smart way to run a city!  Prudent use of bonds (debt) is not to perpetuate a growth ponzi scheme, but to invest in income-generating infrastructure like SB Cable.

Has City of San Bruno ever represented the Coastal Hills?  SB Community Foundation was created from a PG&E settlement in lieu of a lawsuit in which 8 people died. How does a new Rec & Aquatic Center benefit residents of the Coastal Hills? Rollingwood Elementary is slated to close in 2023.  How will a possible sale affect our community? 

I believe I have the qualities and experience to truly represent the residents of the Coastal Hills, and humbly request your vote.

Jeffrey Tong, Candidate

San Bruno City Council, District 1