San Bruno is not only BROKE – it is completely broken!   City of San Bruno has been siphoning all the profits out of the profitable San Bruno Cable (now CityNet) to pay city employee salaries.  There is nothing left to maintain infrastructure.  Crestmoor 2 suffered PG&E’s Gas Explosion in 2010.  Rollingwood subdivision suffered several months of blackouts last year, and it is just one of many subdivisions in jeopardy.  The streets are crumbling in every subdivision.  Then the storm water system is broken.  Considering the city’s history of mismanagement, how well is city managing its water reserves?  Once the water table is lowered, its capacity to absorb rainwater is forever reduced.  San Bruno has no functioning Chamber of Commerce – it’s every proprietor for him/herself.  Yet the city is building a new $70M Recreation and Aquatic Center – while its vital infrastructure is crumbling? 

Even if you can afford your own car, we can not afford to replace the crumbling auto-centric infrastructure.  Autopia (Dystopia) – the suburban experiment is over!  Covid-19 taught us that we must change our lifestyle.  We need to replace it with a GREEN sustainable infrastructure!

A NEW ECONOMY: History is the vital seed to shape our future.  Before the century of air travel, gambling and prohibition, San Bruno was known for Uncle Tom’s Cabin – a road traveler’s rest stop.  Even before Uncle Tom’s Cabin, San Bruno was the home of the Ohlone Native Americans.  Now, San Bruno is the home of the Peninsula Museum of Art.  With the SFO airport next door, San Bruno is ideally poised to become an eco-traveler’s destination city.   It just needs VISION, and that vision can be realized with

Instead of the “City of Gambling and Vice” (Tanforan racetrack, Artichoke Joe gambling saloon, etc), instead of the “City that Blew Up” (PG&E gas explosion), let’s redefine San Bruno as “The GREEN City,” and start building a sustainably green economy!   Join the movement to REDEFINE San Bruno